I had an incredible photoshoot experience with Julia last weekend. It was my first & probably the last modeling adventure. (I call it an adventure because, obviously, l had to climb up to that rock formation in that pretty but heavy designer dress & pose for 2 hours straight, enduring the cold cold & weather.It was a challenge for sure but l’m glad I did it anyway!) (

Julia is an incredibly kind and talented professional with over 13 years of experience in photography.

She also happens to be an amazing make-up artist with multiple degrees in Arts & Fashion. She’s got the best photography & make-up equipments & props in town, and has a profound sense of precision, esthetics & elegance! You can find out more about her at juliaganch.com/about. met Julia through my sweet Ukrainian friend Alisa, an artisan baker currently living in Cappadocia! I must add that @alisa_ne_alice bakes divinely delicious goodies and she’s got some tiramisu making skills!

If vou ever end up visiting Cappadocia, make sure to get a full-glam photoshoot with Julia & a taste of Alisa’s baked goodies g. To get detailed information on the photography services Julia provides, please check out juliaganch.com/packages-cappadocia !

Thank you so much Julia & Alisa!