My son and I had 3h shoot with Julia and it was so fun!
She picked us up early in the morning, took us to the spot where hot air balloons are being prepared for the flight. Then we travelled to another location to take some pictures with balloons flying over the valley. It was cold, my son showed zero cooperation (was kinda expected LOL) but Julia still managed to take few nice shots of both of us. So for the rest of the time we focused on me :)
Final part was horse ranch that was in absolutely stunning secluded location, the owners were a bit late and not to waste any time Julia took me to another location where she took some of my best pictures. Back at the ranch we had unforgettable time with horses.

It was very easy to work with Julia, she is super relaxed and happy. There was not a moment when I was uncomfortable (ok, there was one when on a horse, but I blame the horse!)
We were chatting about just everything the whole time and 3h flew by. Julia is very fun and I'd love to come back for another photoshoot in amazing Cappadocia.